In order to be a reference in the management of Renewable Energy Technologies in Brazil and also in South American, European and Asian countries, Energybras established "Joint Ventures", the creation of strategic partnerships with international companies. Thanks to its experience in renewable energy, has partnered with European, American and Chinese companies, all relying on competent and specialized teams.

Thanks to the fusion of knowledge, Energybras offers products and services for next-generation private sectors, residential, public, rural, and design, implement and operate power plants and parks, offering customized solutions to its clients, which include promotion, development, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of projects.

Energybras deploys photovoltaic and wind plants in Brazil or in any area of the world, applying international standards for the implementation of their projects:

  • Evaluation and definition of viable sites for construction of park and / or plants;
  • Preparation of pre-projects and obtaining of required licenses, according to country laws;
  • Using detailed engineering methods for the development of projects;
  • Obtaining Structured Finance, i.e. project financing based on cash flows and bank support to companies working in the area of Energy;
  • Elaboration of legal, technical and due diligence projects (investigation process and audit information on companies, key to confirm the data made available to potential buyers or investors);
  • Construction of turnkey plants;
  • Resolution of legal proceedings.

Besides being a dedicated and experienced Company, Energybras faces energy challenges in a globalized vision, worrying about the sustainability and preservation of the environment as a whole.

Profit and green economy for your company!