Who We Are

Energybras is a company whose aim is to develop and implement new sources of renewable energy, preparing projects for its clients and investors, to maximize energy efficiency and profits using cutting edge technology among other benefits.  Using clean raw materials respecting the environment, providing energy savings and contributing to the growth of a sustainable planet, Energybras offers solutions, products and services to meet the need of the client.

The Team

The team consists of highly qualified Brazilian and European professionals, committed to developing and providing sustainable solutions for its clients, Energybras is considered to be a leader in the implementation and management of renewable energy in Brazil and the rest of South America and also an Accountable Company. 


"Our mission is to promote and deliver solutions in renewable energy, operating safely and respecting the environment obtaining the complete satisfaction of our customers, employees, suppliers, investors and the communities served:  Our service agreements emphasize these commitments.”


Energybras aims to develop and implement projects  for power generation from permanent in inexhaustible renewable sources, such as  the sun and the wind, ensuring high standards of quality and profitability, taking advantage of these resources sustainably and ensuring the preservation of the environment.


Our values are Integrity and transparency, ethical behavior and respect for individual and communities.